Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8/5 Doctors appointment to start clomid

So today was my Doctors appointment to start my clomid. They took my blood and then I got my schuduel to start my clomid. It arrives tomorrow, I'm really exictied. I also had another ultrasound, I love my tech she is so funny. We chated a bunch and I told her i would see her in a few days for my hopefully last "pre pregnancy ultrasound." LOLI got a phone call around lunch he is my results:My estrogen level was at a 37 which is "fine" she saidMy Folical count was at a 21 and they were all less then 10cm which is also good. I'm not a doctor so i dont know.I start my clomid on friday 5/7 and take one pill a day until day 5/11On 5/13 I have to start taking a ovulation perdictor everyday between 12-2pm until it comes back postive. It it goes all way to saturday I have to take before 7:30 am so they can fit me in.If all goes to plan I could be having my iui on Saturday the 15th... cross your fingers everyone.We are starting to get over wellmed with everything so have to take a minute today and breath... everything will work out... keep repeating that.Hope

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