Sunday, October 18, 2009

10/18 Round three

So last month was a bust. I had a very large cyst on my right overie and I was on birth control to get rid of it but 4 days before my last pill I walked into the bedroom to tell Roy something and I just fell over in pain. Roy rushed me to hospital (such a worry wart) good thing he did because apparently my cyst burst! After a few hours i felt better but it was pretty scary for a moment because I had no idea what was happening. So my hubby took care of me pretty will with mom not around. :(

I went for my doc appointment on 7th and they said that there was another small cyst on my left overie this time! I was like erggg not another round of birth control and more pain possibly. Good news she said it was really small and not to worry because he would prob. still go through with everything. So were in the process of moving to a townhouse apartment.... super excited and its been keeping my mind busy. I finished my last pill of clomid on 13th and I have been testing my ovulation everyday. I woke up feeling like today was the day so it was like 6:45am and I took a test and sure enough it was positive. I hate that my doctors office is closed on Sunday so I spoke with on call nurse and she said to call Monday morning!!! I hate waiting... but I'm just trying to put my mind somewhere else today. So that the latest its really hard talking about this stuff its just so draining. Trying to keep positive though and keep my prayers up. I miss my mom! I wish she could be here with me through all of this. Lets just hope she can be here for all the good parts. Well baby dust to all in need and lots of love and prayers to all of my family and friends!!!