Saturday, December 5, 2009


WOW!!!! It really feels great to be able to say that it worked. After 1 year of trying naturally and 8 months of fertility we ar finally pregnant. Its very early but after all we have been through we just couldn't keep it inside another moment. SoI have my first OB ultrasound and BW on Thursday and WE JUST CAN'T wait!!! Here's how are month has been:

Clomid 100mg 5th-9th
IUI 14th (2 folical and 44 million sperm at 98% motility)
BW 20th (my prometrim level was low 12/ we thought all was loss)
went through Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning and hosting so we thought kay we will wait for the next cycle to begin. Little did we know that I was PG!!!
So I had blood work on Monday morning already thinking that the test would be negative but she called me at lunch time to tell me (YOUR FINALLY PREGNANT HOPE!!!!) I was so excited I called Roy right away and then after work we wanted to surprise our parent around Christmas but we were to excited!! They all cried and were over joyed. My mom was just dying to tell everyone and so I gave her the go a head!!!

My levels were:
Monday 11/30

Hcg 100.3
Prometrium 33

Then I had bw on Thursday 12/3

Hcg 403
prometrium 30

So my first ob appointment is the 10th and were super excited... I'll update more as I progress... Keep us in your prayers because we are not out of the woods yet!!! GOD KEEP THIS BABY HEALTHY AND SAFE FOR THE NEXT 8 MONTHS!!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/14 Second IUI... maybe 4th times a charm?

Wednesday after finishing my last dose of clomid at 100mg. I called my nurse to ask if they could see me Friday the 12 because I was afraid to go into the weekend. (I have been successful with these ovulation tests) so I saw them at 8:15 am. Great news, Two follicles 18mm and 19mm. She gave me my HCG booster shot in my but... roy picked the right cheek, LOL i dont know why but he laughed as i struggled to get comfortable on the ride home.

We went in at 8:30am the next morning for roy to give his sample... he hates that little room!! lol they washed the sperm and we went to breakfast. When we got back we were the last patient so she gave us his results. He had 41 millions sperm which anything over 20 is good they said. Also his motility was at 98% which was great because last IUI it was only 94% which isn't bad but better then last time. So they started to do the procedure and before she inseminated me she asked roy to help. As weird as it is for some roy got to inject the sperm. So he felt apart of the process. He was really happy and so was I! He took me home for a quick nap before he was off to work. The rest of the day I hung around the house vegging praying my heart out! So now I'm on 200mg of Prometrim 2 caps. twice a day. I have to call tomorrow to schedule my appointment to check my levels and get my second shot on Friday! SO were hoping, praying, wishing everything you can imagine because we have wanted this for so long. I'll update after my test results.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

last cycle was a bust

Last Month:
So I called saturday morning to my doctor, When I got my first color change. I showed up Monday morning because I new they would want to see me right away. I had my blood taken and then another ultrasound. But what I was not prepared for was that I was past my ovulation. The nurse came in and told me and I was just so dissapointed. I left the office in tears and roy wish he was there to confort me but I told him he could skip this appointment. It was a hard day to get through...

Today my first day of cycle. I called this morning to schdule my appointment for tuesday or wednesday. I have to say that you develop a thick skin during this whole process because your always looking for your next dissapointment. I can't amagin how stressed/scared I will be when I'm actully pregnant. I will be so nervous the whole time... I'm sure. Well I'll update if this process actully works.... I'm afride for more cyst. Lets pray there isnt any. Also Dr. Miller wants me to up my dose of clomid. to 100mg instead of 50mg. Gosh I hope this works.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

10/18 Round three

So last month was a bust. I had a very large cyst on my right overie and I was on birth control to get rid of it but 4 days before my last pill I walked into the bedroom to tell Roy something and I just fell over in pain. Roy rushed me to hospital (such a worry wart) good thing he did because apparently my cyst burst! After a few hours i felt better but it was pretty scary for a moment because I had no idea what was happening. So my hubby took care of me pretty will with mom not around. :(

I went for my doc appointment on 7th and they said that there was another small cyst on my left overie this time! I was like erggg not another round of birth control and more pain possibly. Good news she said it was really small and not to worry because he would prob. still go through with everything. So were in the process of moving to a townhouse apartment.... super excited and its been keeping my mind busy. I finished my last pill of clomid on 13th and I have been testing my ovulation everyday. I woke up feeling like today was the day so it was like 6:45am and I took a test and sure enough it was positive. I hate that my doctors office is closed on Sunday so I spoke with on call nurse and she said to call Monday morning!!! I hate waiting... but I'm just trying to put my mind somewhere else today. So that the latest its really hard talking about this stuff its just so draining. Trying to keep positive though and keep my prayers up. I miss my mom! I wish she could be here with me through all of this. Lets just hope she can be here for all the good parts. Well baby dust to all in need and lots of love and prayers to all of my family and friends!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

8/30 I have to wait till Thursday

Well I am 12 days post IUI and I have been having some cramping and a little tenderness. I hope this is all good signs. I have to wait till Thursday the 3rd of September for a blood test. However my period is supposed to come tomorrow/Tuesday. My progesterone level was very low it was 8.7 and they like to see it close to 25/30ish she said. So I was pretty bummed and I thought all was lost but I was told to up my dose and anything is possible. We heard a lot of percentages for this procedure and there not very good. ranging from 10-25% each time. A lot of women say it takes a few times for it to work. So its hard to keep your hopes up when the chances are very low.

I heard with clomid it can through off your cycle so that its a possible my cycle could be 35 days instead of the regular 28/29. We are really excited to test, a lot of people said that today I could test but I don't want to jinks my self. So we have to play the waiting game which is hard enough. However we are pretty busy, we are moving to a bigger apartment in our complex and its much cheaper! Who would of thought we would get more space and for less money! We still don't know where we want to be after we have children, mom and dad make it really hard because we would love to be very close but they are so far! So I will update more about what we find out on Thursday, cross your fingers and toes and send some baby dust our way.

P.S. Congrats to the Witko/Milazzo Family on your miracle we are all so happy for you!

Monday, August 17, 2009

8/17 PRE IUI

So this is what the nurse said:
One mature folical on the right side and I took at 10,000 HCG BoosterMy Estrogen level 227 which is right where I need to be. Also my lining was suppost to be at a 7 and it was double she said which is nice and thick! haha

So if you havnt heard I'm all set and ready to have my IUI tomorrow at 7:30 In the morning.They told us to come in to collect, the sperm must be washed: which translates to clean out all the dead sperm, excess fluid... I was told if they put it in "raw" i would be in unbelieveable pain! So it takes about an hour. so we are going to grab breakfast and then come back to do the iui!

So roy took the day off to wait on me hand and foot! Which I love! he is such a great man!~I will try and update my blog tomorrow via couch or bedroom! I will prob. have my labtop by my side why i lay there all day!So thats all she wrote people... thank you to all my friends and family who have shown great support and prayer! We love you all very much and look forward to a happy and healthy baby...


Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/16 Feeling pretty bumbed

Well I have been taking ovulation test since Tuesday August 13th and I havn't seen a postive result but Saturday morning I though my eyes were playing tricks on me and I thought I saw a line. So I called Saturday and they told me to take another test Monday morning and then call in. I work at 8:00 am so I dont know when they want to see me. Its so messed up, I feel like they can't give me strate answer about anything. I'm afriad that I'm going to miss my ovulation because they wont see me sunday "today".

Mom tells me not to stress out and that they know what they are doing. So I have to take a breath and let mom's advice be they way I get through this. I will write tomorrow about what events will be happening next! I hope that this IUI I works. My guess is that it will be Tuesday but I will know more tomorrow.