Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/14 Second IUI... maybe 4th times a charm?

Wednesday after finishing my last dose of clomid at 100mg. I called my nurse to ask if they could see me Friday the 12 because I was afraid to go into the weekend. (I have been successful with these ovulation tests) so I saw them at 8:15 am. Great news, Two follicles 18mm and 19mm. She gave me my HCG booster shot in my but... roy picked the right cheek, LOL i dont know why but he laughed as i struggled to get comfortable on the ride home.

We went in at 8:30am the next morning for roy to give his sample... he hates that little room!! lol they washed the sperm and we went to breakfast. When we got back we were the last patient so she gave us his results. He had 41 millions sperm which anything over 20 is good they said. Also his motility was at 98% which was great because last IUI it was only 94% which isn't bad but better then last time. So they started to do the procedure and before she inseminated me she asked roy to help. As weird as it is for some roy got to inject the sperm. So he felt apart of the process. He was really happy and so was I! He took me home for a quick nap before he was off to work. The rest of the day I hung around the house vegging praying my heart out! So now I'm on 200mg of Prometrim 2 caps. twice a day. I have to call tomorrow to schedule my appointment to check my levels and get my second shot on Friday! SO were hoping, praying, wishing everything you can imagine because we have wanted this for so long. I'll update after my test results.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

last cycle was a bust

Last Month:
So I called saturday morning to my doctor, When I got my first color change. I showed up Monday morning because I new they would want to see me right away. I had my blood taken and then another ultrasound. But what I was not prepared for was that I was past my ovulation. The nurse came in and told me and I was just so dissapointed. I left the office in tears and roy wish he was there to confort me but I told him he could skip this appointment. It was a hard day to get through...

Today my first day of cycle. I called this morning to schdule my appointment for tuesday or wednesday. I have to say that you develop a thick skin during this whole process because your always looking for your next dissapointment. I can't amagin how stressed/scared I will be when I'm actully pregnant. I will be so nervous the whole time... I'm sure. Well I'll update if this process actully works.... I'm afride for more cyst. Lets pray there isnt any. Also Dr. Miller wants me to up my dose of clomid. to 100mg instead of 50mg. Gosh I hope this works.