Monday, August 17, 2009

8/17 PRE IUI

So this is what the nurse said:
One mature folical on the right side and I took at 10,000 HCG BoosterMy Estrogen level 227 which is right where I need to be. Also my lining was suppost to be at a 7 and it was double she said which is nice and thick! haha

So if you havnt heard I'm all set and ready to have my IUI tomorrow at 7:30 In the morning.They told us to come in to collect, the sperm must be washed: which translates to clean out all the dead sperm, excess fluid... I was told if they put it in "raw" i would be in unbelieveable pain! So it takes about an hour. so we are going to grab breakfast and then come back to do the iui!

So roy took the day off to wait on me hand and foot! Which I love! he is such a great man!~I will try and update my blog tomorrow via couch or bedroom! I will prob. have my labtop by my side why i lay there all day!So thats all she wrote people... thank you to all my friends and family who have shown great support and prayer! We love you all very much and look forward to a happy and healthy baby...


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