Sunday, August 30, 2009

8/30 I have to wait till Thursday

Well I am 12 days post IUI and I have been having some cramping and a little tenderness. I hope this is all good signs. I have to wait till Thursday the 3rd of September for a blood test. However my period is supposed to come tomorrow/Tuesday. My progesterone level was very low it was 8.7 and they like to see it close to 25/30ish she said. So I was pretty bummed and I thought all was lost but I was told to up my dose and anything is possible. We heard a lot of percentages for this procedure and there not very good. ranging from 10-25% each time. A lot of women say it takes a few times for it to work. So its hard to keep your hopes up when the chances are very low.

I heard with clomid it can through off your cycle so that its a possible my cycle could be 35 days instead of the regular 28/29. We are really excited to test, a lot of people said that today I could test but I don't want to jinks my self. So we have to play the waiting game which is hard enough. However we are pretty busy, we are moving to a bigger apartment in our complex and its much cheaper! Who would of thought we would get more space and for less money! We still don't know where we want to be after we have children, mom and dad make it really hard because we would love to be very close but they are so far! So I will update more about what we find out on Thursday, cross your fingers and toes and send some baby dust our way.

P.S. Congrats to the Witko/Milazzo Family on your miracle we are all so happy for you!

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