Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/16 Feeling pretty bumbed

Well I have been taking ovulation test since Tuesday August 13th and I havn't seen a postive result but Saturday morning I though my eyes were playing tricks on me and I thought I saw a line. So I called Saturday and they told me to take another test Monday morning and then call in. I work at 8:00 am so I dont know when they want to see me. Its so messed up, I feel like they can't give me strate answer about anything. I'm afriad that I'm going to miss my ovulation because they wont see me sunday "today".

Mom tells me not to stress out and that they know what they are doing. So I have to take a breath and let mom's advice be they way I get through this. I will write tomorrow about what events will be happening next! I hope that this IUI I works. My guess is that it will be Tuesday but I will know more tomorrow.

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