Saturday, December 5, 2009


WOW!!!! It really feels great to be able to say that it worked. After 1 year of trying naturally and 8 months of fertility we ar finally pregnant. Its very early but after all we have been through we just couldn't keep it inside another moment. SoI have my first OB ultrasound and BW on Thursday and WE JUST CAN'T wait!!! Here's how are month has been:

Clomid 100mg 5th-9th
IUI 14th (2 folical and 44 million sperm at 98% motility)
BW 20th (my prometrim level was low 12/ we thought all was loss)
went through Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning and hosting so we thought kay we will wait for the next cycle to begin. Little did we know that I was PG!!!
So I had blood work on Monday morning already thinking that the test would be negative but she called me at lunch time to tell me (YOUR FINALLY PREGNANT HOPE!!!!) I was so excited I called Roy right away and then after work we wanted to surprise our parent around Christmas but we were to excited!! They all cried and were over joyed. My mom was just dying to tell everyone and so I gave her the go a head!!!

My levels were:
Monday 11/30

Hcg 100.3
Prometrium 33

Then I had bw on Thursday 12/3

Hcg 403
prometrium 30

So my first ob appointment is the 10th and were super excited... I'll update more as I progress... Keep us in your prayers because we are not out of the woods yet!!! GOD KEEP THIS BABY HEALTHY AND SAFE FOR THE NEXT 8 MONTHS!!!

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  1. Congrats on your impending parenthood! My wife & I just had our little girl last June. She's brought so much joy to our lives. We live halfway between Edward & Rush Copley but we went with Edward because their NICU was rated better (luckily we didn't end up needing a NICU, but it was nice to know it was there, just in case).

    Oh btw, I found your blog by browsing blogspot for blogs in Aurora. My wife & I are trying to expand our circle of friends a bit, get to know some new people and all that.

    Well, it's time to feed my little Sammie her dinner and she's starting to let me know it, so I best be going.