Thursday, April 16, 2009

We set our frist Doctors Appointment

I talked with my nurse a couple of days ago and she referred me to a Dr. Miller in Naperville. We have an appointment scheduled at the end of June. We are pretty nervous to see what will happens next but we are excited that he can see us sooner then we thought.

Our family and friends support means a lot. We didn't know how common this situation is to many couples until my recent blog. Some close friends and family are dealing with the same things. But what I have noticed is that I see pregnant women or new mothers each and everyday. It can be so very hard to handel. We are trying to think positive and make sure we are well educated and well prepared to what were up against.

My sister told me how funny she thought it was that all these years I was nervous I could get pregnant before I got married. All along not knowing there was nothing to be so worry about. You never know how hard "trying" to have a baby can be. Every month that passes with a difficult reminder. I dread the one day a month where I know we didn't conceive. That negative test results. it can break your heart.

Trying to keep positive and know that one day this will all be worth it. Good luck to all my family and friends in the same situation. That are deal with the same heart break and disappointment Roy and I are going through.

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