Saturday, April 11, 2009

A little about us

Hello everyone, We are The Barretts. My name is Hope and My husbands name is Roy. We have been married since September of 2007 and We have been planning to start a family for the last few months. We just went through the process of checking our fertility. It took us the whole month of march and beginning of April to find out our results. We waited patiently but on the edge of our seat everyday.We where very nervous but we have a wonderful support system and each other to get through this process.We new that this would change things but like I said we love each other very much and we can work through anything that comes our way.

To start:
I had a regular pap and check up in Early March: Everything came back normal
March 19th -Blood work: everything came normal
March 30th - external/internal ultrasound to see if i produce a follicle
April 6th- We got all of test results back:
I have a good follicle count, my thyroid was at a good level, my lining was a little thin when but she told me not to worry that its not at a rate to be concerned.

Roys results were next: things become a little bit more concerning. All of his blood work came back normal "thank god" but is semen analysis told us he has poor morphology also known as "abnormal sperm".

As most of you know, this news was very upsetting but we know that its not impossible as some couples today have to deal with. We are so very grateful for chance to still be there. However we discussed what our next step will be.

We are planning to speak with a fertility specialist, most likely in July. We have a lot on our plate right now with all the news and with timing to meet with the doctor its going be a few months before we can see anyone. We can be patient!
Our doctor told us what we are up against: 5days of Clomid to jump start my ovulation then we can try it naturally for a few cycles or we can go strate to IUI- Intrauterine Insemination where they insert a catheter into my cervix and inject roys washed sperm. It will only take a few minutes to do the procedure and they i will lay there for about 20 to 30 mins. We will know if it worked after 6-12 days. We will most-likely try this for 3/4 cycles before looking to injectables and try that for a max. of 3/4 times. If all fails we have one last hope. IVF which is In vetro Fertilization- where they will take out some of my eggs and connect them to roys sperm and then plant the ones that are fertilized back inside of me.
We hope that we wont have to resort to any extreme measures but that's all in gods hands.

Some say that if you cant have a child naturally that gods trying to tell you something. Here's my response to that:

"God has a plan for everyone. He wouldn't have helped us make these procedures or medications possible to have a child if it wasn't in his plan."

So thank you for listening and when our process begins I will be updating my blog.

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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with the two of you during this time. I've been through it all so please don't hesitate to call if you need to talk - I know how stressful it can be!