Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garage Sale/Parent Update

Hey everyone, Heidi and I had a garage sale this weekend. Yesterday was so great we sold over $500 worth of stuff. It went so fast and we couldn't believe how empty the garage was. However we decide to open again today.
Sunday is a bust, I mean we sold almost $30 today which isn't much but its something. That's why I have some time to write. Its only like 1:30 so there is still hope for more sales. All our profits are going to mom and dad. They could use the help right now. The house still hasn't sold which has been tough on them. Every little bit that we can do for them, helps.

No doctor news yet. I'm waiting for my appointment in June and I will keep my site updated and try to teach some people how to become members. We are leaving in early June to go see my parents and the kids for some fun in the sun. Pray that it doesn't rain the whole trip.

Mom and dad said they will most-likely come back with us for a week or two to see some old friends and family. We have some one looking at the house so cross your fingers and pray they buy it!!!

I'm praying for everyone in this hard economy!!!

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