Thursday, April 30, 2009

I miss my family

I'm off work today feeling pretty sick. I told Roy it was his cooking but he said he feels fine. Mom joked on the phone today asking is there any chance that i could be pregnant and I laughed. thinking of the irony in that statement.

you know when your sick and all you can think about is the way your mom takes care of you and all the things she does for to make you feel better. Its funny because even if i told roy all the things he could do it justs dosnt compare. He brought me a blanket on the couch and my favorite pillow. Sprite and crackers. I just wish my mom lived close. I miss her.

We leave for Alabama in like 6 weeks and we are counting the days. I hate that they live so far away. With all thats happening here with roy and I it would be nice to have my mom here with me. Our appointment is June 29th and thankfuly my mom is come back with us so she will be here when we find out what the doctor has planned for us.

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