Friday, July 10, 2009

7/10 Doctors Appointment

Okay so today was my Doctors Appointment:So I have crappy veins everyone and I get them from my mom. First she tried in my right arm and gave up before she stuck the needle into to deep. Then it was off to my left arm were she poked me for a good 5 mins. Then she went my hand (DOUBLE OUCH) which I new she would find a vein.I fasted so I couldn't eat after 10:00 or drink anything after 12:00 . I was shaking after the 3rd vile of blood (yes 3rd vile). It was so sad when she said wow your not bleeding any more. I said " Did I run out of blood" she said well if you did that would be big problem. So she sent them off to lab and called me this afternoon to tell me everything went well. not soon after she charged me $145 for some random test my insurance didn't cover. SO PISSED! 100% coverage means 100% not 98%... Anyway's then they surprised me with an internal ultrasound. Did I mention how uncomfortable these are. Not to mention when your 3 days into you cycle. YUCK!After that I left the office with a throbbing pain in my hand for her twisting the needle for a good 10 mins. I then drop off my prescription for Zithromax or for my cheep insurance company azithromycin which is just the generic. Gosh they bleed us dry with about $225 every two weeks. You think they wouldn't make us take generics. So I guess my doctor said that 1/3 couples have this infection that carries no symptoms or signs, that can effect a women from getting pregnant/sick during this process. So its cautionary for them to just prescribe it to all their patients to be safe. Whatever just another thing on our list. Any ways I picked that up on my break and then played phone tag with a X-ray tech from my doctors office. She said that I need to schedule an appointment on my day 6-12 of my cycle for my X-ray of my uterus and fallopian tubes. Can we say radiation on my uterus.... some how I very scared. So after we talked she told me to come in this Monday the 13th at 12:15. Umm...hello some people work and don't have the option to leave work 4 hours early. So after a long debate I had two options come to my appointment or start around of birth control and wait another next cycle. I was like hell no I will figure something out. Thanks to my amazing director she is going to let me leave an hour before my appointment and come back when I'm done. Just take a really long lunch break. Pretty much my Monday will be crazy and of course Roy works so I have to go all alone. I have come to realize that this whole process has been about me running around with my head cut off why He goes in for a simple semen analysis like once every three months. SO UNFAIR! Well I guess that's what you have to do to have our sweet bundle of joy in our arms. So that's the plan! Tonight we are going to take our 4 pills each to get rid of our almost "infection".... its been a crazy and long day and of course I get home and have such a migraine. so looking at the computer hurts. Well thats about it everyone I will update after my x-ray on Monday. Thanks for your prayers and baby dust!Hope (stressed out mom to be)

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