Sunday, June 28, 2009

What will Monday bring?

Okay so Monday is our appointment. I have to say I am so excited that our process can start now but I am totally scared. I have heard so many stores from so many different women that are going through this trial to have a child. My prayers are all with you and lots of baby dust your way.

So we will meet with Dr. Miller in Naperville to see what he has planned for us. My thought is that on Monday we will go in and sit down with him to talk about our situation. He probably wants to run his own tests and see were we stand now after the changes we have made to help our situation. I can't say that low caffeine, better food choices, exercise and vitamins have done a whole lot but Roy and I both agree that we have felt a lot better over the last few months and have noticed that we haven't had any colds or any infections in the recent months. So that is good news. Well I know that our situation could be a lot worse and I know Roy has a tendency to beat him self up about this but Its no ones fault. He is a wonderful man who takes care of me and keeps me strong. I have always wanted to be a mother and my family is a test to know that I have had a lot of practice over the years. Its going be a roller coaster for the next few weeks, months and I hope not years. But we are as ready as were every going to be, lets just hope everything works out for the best. Keeping positive is all i can do right now.

Best of luck to all of my fertility challenged moms-to-be!!!

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